The Upper Darby Libraries Minecraft Server is open to all patrons of the Upper Darby Library . The server is whitelisted, so we'll need your Minecraft name in order add you to the server. Just come to any of the three Upper Darby Library branches and ask for a contract which will have a copy of the server rules, sign it, and we'll add you in!

The server address is

You can download a copy of the contract here.

The server is a vanilla survival with a few Bukkit plugins to help prevent griefing and make life in general a bit easier. Some introductory videos are embedded below to get you up to speed on the plugins, which allow you to claim land that other users can't destroy, and lock your chests. 

When you first start the game, you'll be placed in the main lobby. To your left will be a portal that will take you down to the surface of the survival world. You can claim your land, go mining, and start building. The portal on your right will take you to a creative world. The portal to the far back and right is for minigames like spleef and capture the flag.  If you ever get lost or stuck, simply type "/mv spawn" to return to the spawn point. 

If you have any questions, you can email Paul, the young adult librarian, at yaservices [at] udlibraries [dot] org or click here.

Need some gameplay tips or want to know how something works in Minecraft? Check out the Minecraft Wiki at for info on anything Minecraft!