Preschool Storytime, 10/30/2017

Today we read stories about houses and homes! We read four stories that made us think about the houses people live in, and the ways that they might become a home. We read four stories that made us think about the homes that people make, and the homes that animals make. We read FOUR stories! We are amazing listeners! The four stories were: 

The Great Blue House • written by Kate Banks, and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben

Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs • written by Linda Ashman, and illustrated by Lauren Stringer

This is the House That Jack Built • by Simms Taback

Home • by Carson Ellis

We also wiggled around A LOT, because today was the kind of day where everyone had to stop and wiggle all over, often! We said two rhymes together, and the first one was about falling leaves: 

Autumn leaves are falling, falling, falling (we moved from a standing position to squat)
Autumn leaves are spinning, spinning, spinning (we turned and stood around)
Autumn leaves are floating, floating, floating (we swayed from side to side)
Autumn leaves are turning, turning, turning (we turned, so slowly)
Autumn leaves are dancing, dancing, dancing (we did whatever crazy dance we wanted to)
Autumn leaves are blowing, blowing, blowing (we made our hands do wiggly, wavy things)
Autumn leaves are falling, falling, falling (we squatted back down again)
Autumn leaves are sleeping, sleeping, sleeping (we placed our hand together on the sides of our face)

We said a rhyme about five little pumpkins, who were waiting around - and we used real pumpkins! 

Five little pumpkins growing on a vine
First one said, "It's time to shine!"
Second one said, "I love the fall!"
Third one said, "I'm round as a ball!"
Fourth one said, "I want to be a pie!"
Fifth one said, "Let's say good-bye!"
"Good-bye," said one! 
"Adios," said two!
"Au revoir," said three!
"Ciao," said four! 
"Aloha," said five!
And five little pumpkins were picked that day!

We also sang The Wheels on the Bus, because we had such a good time singing it last week, and because the Preschool Storytime group loves to sing The Wheels on the Bus! 

I can't wait to see what happens next week, so I will see everyone on Monday, November 6th, at 10:00 am, here at Sellers Library! 

Posted on October 30, 2017 .